Justin Hawkins Stands By His Comments About Oasis’ Noel Gallagher

Justin Hawkins of the Darkness conflicted with Oasis in the early 2000s when he called them ‘too arrogant.’ When Noel Gallagher responded, a little comment turned into a drama, as it mostly does in the music world. As seen in a recent video by Hawkins on his YouTube channel, he continued to support what he said back then but also praised Gallagher’s guitar skills without letting old memories spoil his professionalism.

“I think a long time ago, I upset some of the Oasis enthusiasts,” he said, remembering the times he and Noel Gallagher had an altercation. “I said something like… I think Noel Gallagher had said something dismissive about the Darkness, so I reacted by expressing an opinion that he wouldn’t cut the mustard. I stand by that.”

He continued, “But when you hear him doing this interesting, sort of spidery arpeggio things [playing guitar], you really get an appreciation of what kind of guitarist he actually is. I think when he’s doing lead stuff, he relies way too heavily on the pentatonic scale. But this stuff is interesting, so maybe he’s more of a sort of rhythmic lead guitarist.”

Although they had said hurtful things to each other in their quarrel, Hawkins was professional in acknowledging Noel Gallagher’s musical talent, “And those are the guys that I admire, really. And you can’t argue with his songwriting. This is Noel Gallagher. He’s a legend.”

It all started in 2005 when Justin Hawkins criticized Oasis for not stepping out of their comfort zone. Oasis was playing in the States at the time, and according to Hawkins, they couldn’t sustain their UK success here and, actually, didn’t put much effort into it. For him, it was just laziness and arrogance.

Noel Gallagher didn’t remain silent in the face of this comment and attacked directly to the Darkness’ music. He said the Darkness was inoffensive, and he wasn’t even sure whether the people who liked its music genuinely enjoyed it.

In the video that Hawkins shared recently, it is seen that he still stands behind what he said about Oasis. However, the musician did not hesitate to praise Noel Gallagher’s musical skills. He even said he was a legend and no one could argue with his songwriting. Hawkins seems to have gotten over what was between them more than fifteen years after their argument.