Justin Hawkins Says The Cult Is The Most Underrated Band Of All Time


The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins opened up to Classic Rock about his thoughts on The Cult and how underestimated they were as a band.

The Cult has had a turbulent journey over the years. It was originally formed in 1983, but over the years, not only did the rough relationships between the members become harder to deal with, but they started to seek creative control, which has led to the group disbanding twice. But they got back together in 2006, and they are still active in the industry. They have released ten studio albums to date.

The Cult announced in August 2020 that they had entered the studio to record their eleventh album. This album was their first album in six years since 2016 when they released ‘Hidden City.’ After the pandemic, the band recently announced the album’s title, ‘Under The Midnight Sun.’

In a recent interview, Justin Hawkins first referred to The Darkness when asked about his thoughts on the most underrated band of all time, but then he chose The Cult. He talked about three albums from the 80s called ‘Love,’ ‘Electric,’ and ‘Sonic Temple,’ which he believed were among the best of all time. He added that he believes people have overlooked these albums over the years.

Justin Hawkins‘ thoughts on the most underrated band of all time:

“I’m in it! But to be serious for a moment, I’d say it’s The Cult. There are three albums from the eighties that are up there with the all-time great albums: ‘Love,’ ‘Electric’ and ‘Sonic Temple.’ I think people have overlooked just how powerful those albums are.”

The Cult recently wrapped up their co-headlining tour in the UK with Alice Cooper, which ended last month. They also released ‘Give Me Mercy,’ the first single from their upcoming album ‘Under The Midnight Sun,’ which will be released this October.