Justin Hawkins Says Eddie Van Halen Will Never Be Surpassed As A Guitar Player

Musicians often celebrate one another, and legends such as Eddie Van Halen are frequently appreciated for their unique musical talent. The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins seems to be among those in awe of Van Halen, as the musician stated via his YouTube channel that Eddie’s guitar sound could never be surpassed.

Musical talent had been running in the Van Halen family for decades. Eddie and Alex’s father was a jazz musician, and the two brothers were eager to follow in their father’s steps. Many years later, Eddie’s son, Wolfgang, also chose to be active in music as he went onto play for Van Halen and later formed his own band.

Justin Hawkins was also aware of the Van Halen family’s talent. Recently, the musician recalled Van Halen’s hit songs and played some of the late musician’s guitar riffs. Then, Justin took a moment to pay homage to Eddie. He addressed that it has been two years since the guitarist had passed away and stated that there would never be another guitar player like him.

To Justin, Eddie Van Halen could never be surpassed. He described the late musician’s guitar riffs as incredible and groundbreaking. Hawkins also remarked that Van Halen invented various guitar tricks and techniques now common for musicians, including him.

The musician finished his words by saying that the late guitarist was an absolute musical genius and he would be missed. The Darkness frontman emphasized that Eddie Van Halen wasn’t just any other guitar player. His riffs brought new elements to music and shaped the guitar sound.

The Darkness frontman’s statement on Van Halen’s unique talent:

“It’s been two years now since Eddie Van Halen passed away. He will never be surpassed as a guitar player. [He was] incredible and groundbreaking, [he] invented a lot of stuff that people do now. He was busy inventing lead guitaring for a lot of people, and myself included. He’s an absolute genius, sadly missed.”

You can watch the musician’s video below.