Justin Hawkins Says Axl Rose’s Bodyguard Held Him Against The Wall To Let Him Walk By

The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins recently spoke on his YouTube channel Justin Hawkins Rides Again and recalled when Axl Rose‘s security staff held him against the wall to let Rose pass by quickly.

Throughout their musical career, the Darkness shared the same stage with Guns N’ Roses multiple times. The band supported GN’R on the European leg of their tour, played with them at Rock In Rio festival, and performed at the Imola Racetrack in Italy with them.

In a recent episode of his Justin Hawkins Rides Again video series on YouTube, Justin Hawkins remembered when they played with Guns N’ Roses on one of those occasions. According to Hawkins, GN’R was brilliant at that performance, and Axl Rose’s voice was incredible even when performing AC/DC songs.

Hawkins then revealed his thoughts on the GN’R frontman. He recalled when Axl Rose was pretty reckless about his performances, as he showed up at the shows very late and made people wait for long hours before taking to the stage. The singer stated that this possibly frustrated the frontman’s core fanbase, but Rose is now coming back.

After that, Hawkins talked about when he was standing backstage at Rock In Rio festival and came across Axl Rose. According to the singer, Axl Rose’s security guards held him against the wall to allow Rose to walk past. Saying he might have annoyed Rose at that time, Hawkins revealed he enjoyed the experience.

Justin Hawkins said the following in the video:

“On those occasions, they were brilliant. I mean, absolutely great. They played for ages, doing Pink Floyd covers, with five or six costume changes. Axl Rose was absolutely on fire. His voice was incredible. I thought he was great when he did the AC/DC stuff.

He’s coming back, isn’t he? Because I think there was a time when we played with him, and when he was very, very late on stage. He was showing up but making people wait hours before he came on, and I think a lot of his core fanbase was a bit frustrated with some of his behaviors. But, he’s an extraordinary person with an extraordinary career.”

He then continued:

“You want your frontmen to be a bit weird, don’t you? He’s definitely that. I remember standing backstage at Rock In Rio, and his security folk literally held me against the wall so that he could walk past. And that’s fair enough. I would have just annoyed him a bit. I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m being pinned against the wall by Axl Rose’s security!’ I’ve actually quite enjoyed the experience.”

You can watch the video below.