Justin Hawkins On Iggy Pop’s New Collaboration With Duff McKagan

It is quite rare to see rock stars also pursuing a career as YouTube content creators. However, that is certainly not the case with Justin Hawkins since he comments on the latest news from the rock scene in the videos that he frequently posts on his YouTube channel. His recent topic of discussion was Iggy Pop’s recent collab with the Guns N’ Roses bassist and RHCP drummer, and he commented on their new song.

“A lovely sentiment to end the song on there. Beautiful stuff,” exclaimed Hawkins after listening to Iggy Pop’s new song, ‘Frenzy.’ “If you like ‘The Hives,’ if you like punk music in general, if you like Iggy Pop, if you like ‘Get Your Hands Off My Woman’ by the Darkness. You’re going to love this because it’s got elements of all those things, and it’s its own thing as well.”

He continued, “It’s powerful, it’s loud, it’s filthy, it’s got a lot of swearing in it, and Duff McKagan’s bass all the way through it right in your face. F*cking awesome. Well done, Iggy.”

The new release sounds more like Pop’s earlier songs, and while listening, one can simply feel that return to the rock star’s roots. The track highlights punk tones with Iggy’s distinctive touches. In addition, Duff McKagan’s solid bass and Chad Smith’s high-energy rhythms will delight listeners who miss the early years of Iggy Pop.

Iggy Pop worked with Andrew Watts on the song. Watts is a Grammy-winning producer and has previously worked with names like Ozzy Osbourne. It is unknown whether this song is a precursor to Izzy’s new album; however, it seems like it got the audience pretty excited.