Journey’s Neal Schon Names The Most Underrated ‘Monster Guitarist’

Neal Schon recently tweeted his pick for the most underrated ‘monster guitarist’ while chatting on Twitter and appreciating his all-time favorite rockers.

Journey guitarist had been lately featured in headlines for his feuds with frontman Arnel Pineda and keyboardist Jonathan Cain, so it might be refreshing for anyone to see that this article is solely about Schon honoring and celebrating other rockers rather than heating things with his bandmates by tweeting a few snides.

So, moving on to the story, Neal recently commented upon how much of a musical genius Bryan Adams was when a Twitter user shared the news regarding an interview with the rocker. The guitarist then joined a series of tweets continuing to appreciate Bryan and his band, eventually picking Adams’ longtime collaborator and six-stringed hero, Keith Scott, as a monster guitarist.

Schon recalled how impressed he was upon seeing the guitarist jam while they were touring with Adams and his band in the 80s. It was apparent that Schon considered Scott one of the guitar masters he’d met, discussing his brilliance when handling melodies and composing riffs.

The rocker’s tweets on Keith’s brilliant guitar playing:

“Brilliant band as well. Keith is a monster. He plays melodic slow hand with Brian, but I heard him warming up when we were on tour with them in the 80s, and I walked into the room to see who it was.”

It’s apparent how much Schon was impressed by Scott’s talent for guitar playing as he recalled the time he had to walk into the room during a jamming session to see who it was making their guitar sound so genius.