Journey’s Jonathan Cain Reveals The Muse Behind His Collab With Steve Perry

Every track has a story behind it, whether it be a funny one or a meaningful and feel-inducing one. Journey‘s Jonathan Cain took to Twitter to give a behind-the-scenes look at his collaboration with Steve Perry, ‘Send Her My Love’ and how the track came to be.

The track was the fourth single from the band’s 1983 album ‘Frontiers.’ Cain explained that the inspiration for the lyrics came from a concert when his old girlfriend came to see him backstage, and she had said hi. After Jonathan had heard that she had come, the musician’s reply was, ‘send her my love.’

That was the muse he needed as it became a chorus later that week, and he and Perry sat together to crack on and finish the song in two short hours. It was and still is a well-produced track that reached number 23 on the US pop charts of the same year as its release.

Jonathan Cain’s words about his inspiration behind the collaboration read:

“Fun Fact: Our Journey song, ‘Send Her My Love,’ was inspired by a friend of my old girlfriend from high school who came backstage at a concert and told me she had said hi. My reply, send her my love, became a chorus later that week, and Steve Perry and I wrote the song in 2 hours.”

If you ever wondered what the meaning behind the track is and who it was written for, Cain gave you all the details you need, so your next listen to the track might leave you with a different feeling after knowing the sincere feelings of the musician.