Dee Snider Confirms That He’ll Narrate The Story Of Twisted Sister’s Breakup

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider made a question & answer session via his official Twitter account and excited his followers with a new announcement.

One of the followers of Dee asked if he is gonna talk about the breaking of Twisted Sister or not, and it would be so nice to see him talk about it. Thankfully, Dee Snider approached this question warmly.

As his response, Dee stated that it will be bizarre to narrative a show about the breakup of Twisted Sister when he is the reason why the band disbanded and mentioned that it’s going to be a special episode.

Furthermore, Dee revealed the details about the show and said that the channel will let him break the fourth wall between the audience. In this way, Dee excited his fans once again with such a unique project.

A fan of Dee Snider asked:

“Dee, are you also narrating the TS breaking of the band too? That would be so cool since you were there and lived to tell the tale! Much love.”

Dee Snider replied:

“Yes! It’s bizarre to narrate a show about a band breakup when you’re the cause! It’s going to be a special episode & Reelz Channel let me break the 4th wall. Meaning they let me comment on things & had a camera in the booth filming my reactions.”

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