Journey Singer Steve Perry’s Pick As ‘Anthem Of My Teenage Isolation’

Every famous artist has millions of followers and young music lovers who follow in their footsteps. Still, they also have heroes of their own who have inspired them to make music and attracted their attention to the field. Those encouraging artists often have such a massive impact on the musicians’ earlier days that they can quickly recall their names even after years when asked about their muses.

Naturally, their wide-ranging influences have a pretty significant effect on their future style and sound. They adopt certain attributes and ultimately create their original sound. Steve Perry of Journey, who had served in the band during the height of their fame and popularity, also had his own heroes who motivated him as a young singer and were always there for him in his youth.

The Song That Reminds Steve Perry Of His Youth

Since the beginning of his remarkable career, Steve Perry has always stood out with his pure singing excellence and distinctive vocal style. Besides his commercially successful works with Journey, the singer proved himself also as a solo artist. His powerful vocal range has allowed the rocker to reach high notes effectively, and his talent has helped him control his singing.

In a conversation with Rolling Stone in 2018, the former Journey frontman was asked to list the five songs that had a hold on him in his youth. Although the singer had quite a difficult time deciding on them, he still named some tracks that enormously influenced him. In addition to his choices, Perry also told some exciting stories related to the songs he listed.

After mentioning Sam Cooke’s ‘Cupid,’ The Flamingos,’ ‘I Only Have Eyes For You,’ and the Drifters’ ‘Under the Boardwalk,’ Steve Perry’s fourth choice was ‘In My Room‘ by the Beach Boys. The rocker described the song as the anthem of his teenage isolation. As a young man, he would let himself into his room and repeatedly listen to that song while alone. It would help him imagine the world he wanted to live in.

Steve Perry’s statements on ‘In My Room’:

This was an anthem to my teenage isolation. I just wanted to be left alone in my room where I could find my peace of mind, and listen to my music, and start to cultivate my own world that I wanted to live in.”

You can listen to the song below.