Josh Todd Recalls How Buckcherry Were ‘Completely Falling Apart’

Buckcherry’s Josh Todd recently sat down with Metal Edge and gave insight on their new album ‘Vol. 10’. Josh also talked about the road the group went through.

When Todd was asked if he ever felt like the band would fall apart, he answered:

“Sure. I mean… there have been many periods like that.”

He continued by explaining his initial vision regarding Buckcherry, and the end results of his stance:

“But I never wanted Buckcherry to be a revolving door of musicians. Some bands are like that, but that was never something I thought about. That may be led to keeping certain people around longer than we should have, but that’s part of the learning process. “

Josh also shared the experiences he had along the way as a professional musician:

“Now, I understand that being in a band is a business, which goes hand-in-hand with the creative side of it. And that becomes enhanced when you’re doing it professionally, and you’ve got bunches of money entering the equation. The truth is that being successful in the game means you’ve got to work that much harder, challenging everyone involved.”

In terms of the previous decisions he made about Buckcherry, the frontman said:

“Like I said, with success comes challenges. And the reality of that is that some people just can’t handle success very well.”

Josh also made remarks about taking action when it comes to the band’s well-being:

“I don’t want to get into the specifics of certain people, but I will say that if there is a bad apple in your camp in your band, you better deal with it, or it will poison the rest of the band. So, dealing with it is essential. And that’s frustrating because when you’re younger and still very green, the idea of somebody leaving sucks.”

Check out the band’s latest album below.