Jon Lord’s Unfulfilled Deep Purple Wish Involving Bruce Dickinson

When artists enter the music industry, they tend to have influences they look up to for inspiration while trying to find their voice and sound. That was also the case for Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson, who had previously shared his love and admiration for Deep Purple. He had mentioned the band’s influence on his music, which he was able to build on over the years. That is why becoming friends with founder and keyboardist Jon Lord was such a privilege for him.

The two close friends had big plans to collaborate in the near future when Lord passed away on July 16, 2012, at the age of 71, after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. This devastating news put a halt on everything the musicians had been planning on doing and, unfortunately, Lord didn’t have the time to carry out his dream.

Did Bruce Dickinson And Jon Lord Plan To Tour Together?

The musicians had a very close relationship, to the extent that Bruce Dickinson still honors his dear friend by performing his legendary ‘Concerto For Group And Orchestra’ during live shows. He will perform it once again in April 2023 with an orchestra, but this will not be the first time the vocalist will perform the Concerto. He has done it twice, in Gyor, Hungary, in 2021 with Roger Glover and two years before in Quebec to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

In a spoken-word appearance at DR Koncerthuset in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2018, Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson shared his thoughts about the crazy touring plans he had with Jon Lord. Apparently, the pair had planned to go on tour to do orchestral covers of Deep Purple tracks; however, their plans went down the drain as Lord passed away before anything could happen.

Dickinson shared that he and Lord were close friends, so his passing was devastating. Even though the vocalist was aware of Lord’s battle with pancreatic cancer and general health struggles, it was still hard to accept that he was gone since he had outlived every doctor’s predictions regarding the time he had left. Bruce later found out that Lord had passed away from a blood collapse due to the medications and treatments he had received since his cancer diagnosis.

Bruce Dickinson’s words about his touring plans with Jon Lord:

“Jon Lord was a wonderful gentleman, and we were close friends. And he sadly died of pancreatic cancer, but he survived for a year and a half – much against what everybody had said would happen. And, in the end, he didn’t die of pancreatic cancer – he died, unfortunately, of some terrible blood collapse that happened with him, possibly as a result of treatment.

But we had all kinds of crazy plans, including me going out on tour with him, singing Deep Purple songs with an orchestra, which he was planning to do; that was one of the things we were planning to do. But it all got interrupted and canceled, and it was very sad. He was a wonderful man.”

Although they didn’t have the chance to fulfill their dream of going on a tour to cover Deep Purple songs with an orchestra, it was still touching for fans to hear about their deep connection. Even though it has been long since Lord passed away, Dickinson still commemorates his friend with ‘Concerto For Group And Orchestra,’ which is a great reminder of their relationship.