Jon Bon Jovi Ends Reunion Talks With Richie Sambora

Jon Bon Jovi’s recent words about his former bandmate Richie Sambora and his career with the band just put an end to the possibility of a reunion.

In a chat with Classic Rock magazine after the recent documentary ‘Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story,’ and before their upcoming album ‘Forever,’ the frontman revealed that he spoke to Sambora only twice since he split from the band. He explained:

“I’ve talked to him twice. He. Quit. The. Band. I swear to Christ there was never a fight, nothing… He wasn’t kicked out, he quit. And he hasn’t made any great overtures about coming back.”

Sambora later mentioned that his leaving was partly because he felt the band was getting ‘stale.’ Well, this was something Bon Jovi disagreed with:

“I didn’t think so, and the collective, we didn’t think so. I personally thought that everything was going incredibly f*cking well. And it was never brought up in the room, or in the writing, or in the recording, or during the first 20 shows of that tour.”

Sambora Is Open To A Reunion

In another interview, Sambora chatted about the documentary series and mentioned the possibility of rejoining the band. He said he was open to the idea, but did cite one condition to join:

“The fans would just love it. It’s not finance. It has nothing to do with that. The world could use it. But, as Jon said, he’s been having problems with his voice. And now he had that operation with some plastic thing in his larynx. And it’s an iffy thing at best.”

Earlier this month, Sambora also mentioned that Jon’s vocals are ‘unfortunately clearly not’ great after his surgery. He pointed it out as one of the reasons a reunion did not, and probably will not happen.