Jon Bon Jovi Earns Respect For Behaving The Exact Opposite Of Vince Neil And Paul Stanley

Jon Bon Jovi’s recent appearance at the Pollstar Live! conference sparked a wave of admiration from fans as he openly discussed his vocal struggles and the firm decision not to hit the road until he fully recovered.

An X post from Eddie Trunk, appreciating the singer’s honesty, also led to comparisons between him and other rockers like Vince Neil and Paul Stanley. Reposting a news article on Bon Jovi’s interview, Trunk wrote:

“Props to Jon Bon Jovi for talking honestly about his well-documented vocal issues. And respect saying he won’t tour unless he’s good & at a certain level. Respecting legacy vs. croacking on stage or, even worse, faking it to a track!”

Jon Bon Jovi reportedly underwent a medialization operation to fix a paralyzed vocal cord affecting his singing. The singer has been in the recovery process for the last two years, avoiding a full-blown tour with his band.

Criticism Directed At The Mötley Crüe Frontman

Other rock artists like David Lee Roth, Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe, and Paul Stanley of KISS have faced similar vocal issues in recent years. But the reaction from fans towards Neil and Stanley’s handling of their vocal issues has been more critical compared to the support for Bon Jovi. Under Trunk’s post, one user commented:

“Are you hearing this, Vince Neil & DLR?!”

Another person wrote:

“Really? What about Vince Neil not knowing the words to the same 13 songs and Mötley using tapes? Can you address that, unlike you did on the podcast? Be sure to tag them too so they can block you.”

During Crüe’s 2021 stadium tour, Neil received criticism, with questions raised about his ability to give live performances. Additionally, allegations of using backing tracks have added to doubts surrounding the authenticity of the band’s stage presence.

Comparing Bon Jovi To Paul Stanley

KISS faced similar accusations of using backing tracks after a concert video from the End Of The Road Tour showed Paul Stanley stepping away from his microphone while his vocals continued to play. Stanley had undergone surgery for vocal cord issues in 2011, which has affected his voice.

Referring to the KISS vocalist’s performances after the operation, someone shared:

“Unlike Paul Stanley.”

The band’s alleged use of backing tracks during their farewell tour caused controversy among some fans. While not so critical, a follower’s reference to this read:

“Whether he does the same thing Paul Stanley did on the End Of The Road Tour or not, I’m good either way!”

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