John Travolta Gets Involved In Battle Over Lisa Marie Presley’s $35 Million Trust

Since the tragic passing of Lisa Marie Presley in January, the Presley family has been engulfed in grief and embroiled in a bitter legal battle. The dispute, which has become a public spectacle, pits Lisa’s mother Priscilla against her daughter Riley, as they fight for control of Lisa’s estate. But hope for resolution comes from an unlikely source: actor and mega-fan of Elvis Presley, John Travolta.

Despite the family’s intense emotions, Priscilla has been relentless in the pursuit of her rightful claim to Lisa’s estate. Lisa had entrusted Priscilla and her former business partner Barry Siegel to inherit her Promenade Trust, which has a 15 percent stake in Elvis Presley’s intellectual property. However, a new document emerged later, indicating that Lisa had replaced her mother with her daughter, Riley Keough.

This revelation has sparked a fierce legal battle between Priscilla and Riley, and the family feud has spilled into the public domain. The Presley family has always been revered for their contributions to music and pop culture, and it is heartbreaking to see them in conflict. However, John Travolta stepped in as a peacemaker, using his love and admiration for Elvis to try to mend the rift between the family members.

Throughout his life, Travolta has been a steadfast supporter of Elvis Presley and his legacy. Lisa’s passing hit him hard, and he has been in touch with the family to share in their grief. Now, as the family feud rages on, he has taken on the challenging task of trying to broker a peace deal between Priscilla and Riley by talking to both sides.

The dispute centers around Priscilla’s claims that Riley’s signature on the document giving her control of the estate was forged. Travolta’s involvement has raised hopes for a resolution, but the outcome is uncertain. What is clear, however, is that the Presley family needs to come together and honor Lisa’s memory by resolving their differences. We can only hope that with the help of Travolta, they will find a way to do so.