John Mayer Says Goodbye To Columbia Records

John Mayer recently announced his departure from Columbia Records in a bittersweet post on Instagram. The fans were left wondering about the reason behind the decision.

The 44 years old musician, John Mayer, is a prominent name in the middle of the rock, pop, and blues genres. With his voice, sensitive lyrics, and sympathetic face, his name became known worldwide, and he claimed success at an early age as 21. He has collaborated with B. B. King and Eric Clapton, which helped him earn his place in the scene.

He was signed to Columbia records in 2001 and began creating his music. Throughout his career, the musician released eight studio albums between 2001 and 2021. His latest record ‘Sob Rock’ was released in 2021, received generally positive reviews, and is soon expected to be followed up with a tour.

All his work was released through his record company Columbia Records, and he had worked with them for over 20 years. However, he recently decided not to renew his contract with the company and didn’t give a reason for his decision. As he stated that he is sad to let them go, it seems like they didn’t part due to a dispute. Columbia has not commented on Mayer’s departure yet.

Here is Mayer’s goodbye note:

“After 21 years, eight studio albums, and some wonderful personal and creative relationships, I have decided not to renew my recording agreement with Columbia Records. Hard as it is to say goodbye, I’m excited to pursue new avenues of making music, both of my own and with other artists.

I love music more than ever, and I believe some of my best work still lies ahead. With gratitude and enthusiasm, John.”

It is possible that the musician wanted more freedom instead of being bound to a record company. In his announcement, Mayer stressed that he is looking for new adventures and artists to collaborate with and is excited about his future work. According to Mayer, his future work will be the best he has ever done.

You can check out Mayer’s post below.

Photo Credit: John Mayer – Instagram