John Mayer Releases The Music Video Of His New Single ‘Last Train Home’

Singer, songwriter, and guitarist John Mayer has recently announced from his official Twitter account that a new music video is released for his new single ‘Last Train Home.’

As you may know, Mayer had been working on a new album named ‘Sob Rock’ after the release of ‘The Search of Everything’ in 2017 by Columbia Records, which was his seventh studio album. Since 2015, he has been a member of Dead&Company which consists of the former Grateful Dead members.

And four years after his last album, he announced that ‘Sob Rock’ is going to be released out on July 16. The single ‘Last Train Home’ also appears in this album. The song appears to have an 80s vibe, and the new music video adds to that. Maren Morris, an American singer, also appears in the music video.

The announcement of the video was made by John Mayer on his Twitter, and the video was shared on his official Youtube account. He included a poster in the tweet, on which it reads ‘New music, done the old way.’ The video seems to be appreciated by the fans and they look forward to the release of the album.

Mayer said in his tweet that:

“Now streaming – and with an appearance by the dynamite Maren Morris – it’s ‘Last Train Home.'”

You can check out the tweet and the new music video below.