John Lydon Doesn’t Approve Sex Pistols’ New Compilation Album, ‘The Original Recordings’

Sex Pistols icon John Lydon recently released a statement to express his thoughts about the band’s upcoming complication album on his official Facebook account. The singer highlighted that he and his team couldn’t be part of this record by revealing its reason.

One of the most influential punk rock bands in the world, Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten, Steve Jones, Paul Cook, and Sid Vicious, were considered pioneer musicians for the genre. However, the band couldn’t continue to perform together for a long time because of the tensions between the band members. The band called quits in 1978, but they reunited for some concerts and other special occasions many times.

Unfortunately, Sid Vicious wasn’t part of this reunion after he died due to a drug overdose on February 2, 1979, at the age of 21, so the fans can only listen to him through the old records. In addition, Sex Pistols released various live and complication albums, the latest one entitled ‘Live & Filthy’ was released on August 26, 2008. Since then, the band’s fans have been waiting for an announcement about a new project from them.

The longtime waiting ended when Universal Music Group revealed that the band’s new complication album, ‘The Original Recordings,’ which includes their greatest hits from the 1976-78 era, will be released on May 27, 2022. However, Lydon said he neither approves nor supports this record, tracks, or artwork because it’s ‘substandard.’ He compared it to previous works from the same company, saying they were way better than this.

Lydon’s Facebook post read:

“Universal Music Group have announced the release of a new Sex Pistols compilation entitled ‘The Original Recordings.’ For the avoidance of any doubt, John Lydon has not approved this compilation and does not endorse or support it. He has not approved the artwork or tracklisting. He and his team were not involved in producing this compilation and consider it substandard compared to previous Universal releases since 2012.”

In addition, the album will accompany the new Disney+ mini-series ‘Pistol,’ which was created by Craig Pearce and directed by Danny Boyle. It will air on May 31, 2022, and the cast consists of Anson Boon as Lydon, Toby Wallace as Jones, Jacob Slater as Cook, Louis Partridge as Vicious, and Christian Lees as Matlock.