John Lennon’s Lost Guitar Sold At Auction, Breaks The Beatles Auction Record

One of John Lennon’s guitars has recently been sold.

A guitar that John Lennon used to record many Beatles songs in the 1960s was recently found after being missing for 50 years. The 12-string acoustic guitar was called the Hootenanny, and it was believed to be lost after Lennon and his bandmate George Harrison used it to record the 1965 albums ‘Help!’ and ‘Rubber Soul.’

Julien’s Auctions handled the sale. It sold at auction for $2.9 million and became one of the most valuable pieces of Beatles memorabilia.

How The Guitar Was Found

In 1965, Lennon gave the guitar to Gordon Waller of Peter & Gordon. According to the auction house, Waller then passed it to one of his road managers, who later stored it in the attic of his British countryside home.

Over 50 years later, a man in Britain found the guitar in his parents’ attic while they were moving out. After discovering the guitar, they contacted the auction house in March. The co-founder of Julien’s Auctions explained:

“The son informed us that he had always heard his dad talk about this guitar, but he believed it was lost.”

The auction house sought advice from a Beatles expert known for authenticating the band’s memorabilia to confirm the guitar’s authenticity. After comparing the wood grain and wear patterns of the instrument to archival images, he concluded that the guitar was indeed the one played by Lennon.

After spending half a century in the attic, Lennon’s Hootenanny needed restoration. Ryan Schuermann performed a process involving removing its neck and reattaching it to the body at a better angle.

How Much Was It Estimated At?

The guitar’s worth was estimated at $600,000 to $800,000 before the auction. It eventually sold to an anonymous buyer for $2,857,500. According to the auction house, it is the fifth-most expensive guitar ever sold.