John Dolmayan On Machine Gun Kelly’s Threat To Cover SOAD Again

System of a Down drummer John Dolmayan has heard many musicians cover their songs since his band created some of the most well-known tracks in rock history. One of those hit songs is ‘Aerials,’ which was covered by Machine Gun Kelly last year. It would be fair to say it wasn’t the best version of the song, and Dolmayan must feel the same as he recently joked about his performance.

According to a fake interview published by the satirical website the Hard Times, Machine Gun Kelly recently threatened to perform the System of a Down song if he didn’t receive five million dollars in marked bills. “My first attempt at ‘Aerials’ was just a warning shot,” said the singer. “At least I had a competent band backing me up. This time, my band will be made up of guys I picked up from Guitar Center on a Tuesday afternoon.”

“Some of you might think you can tolerate another cover, but I’m gonna be scatting in between the normal vocal parts,” Hard Times claimed MGK had said. The sarcastic interview continued, “It’ll be horrible. But this can all be prevented if my humble demands are met by midnight. I’m not playing around, and if there are any hero cops that try to stop me, I’ll add ‘Wonderwall’ and ‘Zombie’ to my setlist. I have no problem destroying those songs forever.”

After these statements, John Dolmayan shared the article’s screenshot on his Instagram account and said, “Will they yield to his demands?” The drummer later noted that his remark and Machine Gun Kelly’s fake interview were jokes. The drummer’s caption continued, “For those whose sense of humor is impaired, this is meant as satire, as was the interview by MGK.”

Machine Gun Kelly’s cover version of ‘Aerials’ came about during an in-studio performance on the Howard Stern Show. According to a great majority, the musician butchered the song since his vocals were far from the original. The comments section was filled with fans who teased MGK. Dolmayan shared his opinion on Kelly’s performance for the first time, satirically making fun of the fake news.

Photo Credit: John Dolmayan – Instagram