Joey Tempest Recalls The Time Lemmy Kilmister Said Europe Is Not A Rock Band

During his appearance on Louder Sound, Europe’s lead singer Joey Tempest has remembered the time when he and some other members of the band met Lemmy Kilmister while he said to them that Europe was not a rock band.

Having been around since the late 70s, the band Europe had only received great recognition outside Sweden with their release of ‘The Final Countdown’ in 1986. The band had plans to appear at Ramblin’ Man Fair this summer, but it was later announced that the rock festival has been canceled due to the pandemic. Apart from that, up to 7 months ago, Europe was releasing a series of exclusive lockdown sessions under the banner ‘Friday Nights With Europe The Band’ on their Youtube channel which they were broadcasting every Friday.

In his conversation with Louder Sound, Joey Tempest has talked about various rock stars and his relationship with them. One of the icons he mentioned was Lemmy Kilmister, the late founder of the band Motörhead. Tempest said that they met Lemmy at the bar Rainbow which was considered his second home. He remembered that Lemmy was playing pinball at the machine, and one of them said hi to him, saying they are from the rock band Europe.

Joey stated that Lemmy did not even look up, yet just replied by saying Europe was not a rock band. Tempest seems to consider his attitude as a cool one, as he revealed they were absolutely stunned but later laughed about it.

Tempest recalled the incident during the conversation as:

“A couple of us from the band met Lemmy at his second home, the Rainbow [Bar & Grill on Sunset Strip in LA]. He was playing the pinball machine, as ever. Somebody said, ‘Hi, we’re from the rock band Europe.’ Lemmy didn’t even look up. He just replied, ‘Europe’s not a rock band.’

He then revealed his thoughts, saying:

Such a cool reply. We were absolutely stunned. But we laughed about it and got on fine. A few weeks later we got our own back when Kerrang famously reviewed one of our gigs and said that we were ‘louder than Motorhead.'”

Tempest has also mentioned his encounters with James Hetfield, Freddie Mercury, Axl Rose, and many other rock icons. Although his encounters were mainly not pleasant ones, they seem to be worth sharing.