Joey Santiago Recalls Thinking The Latest Pixies Song Was A ‘Waste Of Time’

Guitarist Joey Santiago recently spoke to Guitar World about Pixies’ new single and admitted that he felt very disillusioned and like a ‘piece of sh*t’ after writing it.

Pixies released their fifth album ‘Indie Cindy’ in April 2014. Featuring the three EPs they had released separately before, the album was the first record Pixies released in over two decades. After the release of ‘Indie Cindy,’ the band toured North America along with Robert Plant to support the Led Zeppelin icon.

In 2016, Paz Lenchantin became a permanent Pixies member after joining them for the 2014 tour. With Lenchantin’s addition, the band released the album’ Head Carrier‘ on September 30, 2016. Three years later, they returned with the release of their seventh album ‘Beneath The Eyrie‘ and the lead single ‘On Graveyard Hill.’

After announcing a new album was in progress in February 2022, Pixies released a single named ‘Human Crime’ in March. Soon after that, the band excited the fans with the release of two new singles titled ‘There’s A Moon On’ and ‘Vault Of Heaven’ from their upcoming album, ‘Doggerel.’

Recently, Pixies released yet another single from ‘Doggerel.’ The new song is named ‘Dregs Of The Wine,’ and it’s Pixies’ first effort with a credit to the guitarist Joey Santiago. Santiago recently joined Guitar World and stated he was in a zombie state while composing ‘Dregs Of The Wine.’

Moreover, the guitarist also said he felt like a piece of sh*t after playing it for the first time. However, his girlfriend was sitting next to him, and realizing that Santiago was on a roll, she started recording him. After she played it back to him, Joey realized it was actually good, and the track ultimately made it to the record.

Here is what Joey Santiago told Guitar World about his process of writing ‘Dregs Of The Wine’:

“I guess I was in kind of a zombie state, just playing. After I stopped playing, I put my guitar down and went, ‘Well, that was a f*cking waste of time, what a piece of sh*t I am.’ I beat myself up a lot, but my girlfriend, unbeknownst to me, was recording me. She played it back to me, and I go, ‘Fuck! Hold on a second here! This stuff is good!'”

Below, you can listen to Pixies’ latest release ‘Dregs Of The Wine.’