Joe Perry Has One Big Regret About Losing Aerosmith Gear

In a new conversation with Total Guitar, Joe Perry shared his regret about losing Aerosmith equipment.

The guitarist left Aerosmith in 1979 because of conflicts within the group and feeling unprepared for the changing music scene. This meant he couldn’t use some of his guitars anymore. He said:

“Honestly, the guitar I miss the most from that era is the Strat I recorded ‘Walk This Way’ with, which went the way of the wind when I left the band.”

Perry never got his Strat back. At that time, he felt he had to cut all connections with Aerosmith:

“Right around then, I wanted to clear the decks and clear my head. I took most of my Aerosmith guitars, put them in road boxes, and left them there.”

How Was It For Perry After Leaving Aerosmith?

Joe left Aerosmith in 1979 after a big fight between his first wife, Elyssa, and his bandmate Tom Hamilton’s wife, Terry. In an interview with Classic Rock, Perry previously reflected on how leaving hurt his money while dating his second wife, Billie:

“I was in this band in the ’70s that was f*cking huge, but when [Billie] met me, she had no idea. She didn’t know what an ‘Aerosmith’ was, and that’s the truth. She was into the underground punk scene in Boston; she didn’t have any use for a band with a logo. The first time I took her out to dinner, my credit card came back cut in pieces, and she had to pay for it. So it wasn’t about money.”

Then Perry said his wife convinced him to call Steven Tyler and get back together with his old bandmates:

“Billie said, ‘This band [Aerosmith] are so good, why aren’t you guys together?’ And I went down the list of reasons, and I realized it was just a lot of f*cking bullsh*t. Billie was the one who said, ‘Why don’t you give Steven a call? I don’t know why you guys aren’t playing together.’ So I picked up the phone and called Steven. Billie called it as she saw it, and she still does. I lean on her incredibly.”

That phone call worked out because Joe rejoined the band in 1984, five years after he left. Nowadays, Aerosmith is getting ready for the rest of their farewell tour, which will start this fall.