Joe Perry Chooses ‘Powerage’ As His Favorite AC/DC Album


Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry spoke in a recent interview with Louder Sound and shared his thoughts about why he prefers AC/DC‘s ‘Powerage’ record as the best one.

In the conversation he joined, Joe Perry stated that he was introduced to AC/DC in 1977 during the Draw The Line tour when they opened for Aerosmith. Joe admitted that he has been a fan of the Australian band since then.

While Perry was praising the talent of AC/DC, he also mentioned that they didn’t need any production to hype up the community. As Joe said, everybody would be on their feet when they were playing on the stage. The veteran guitarist revealed that ‘Powerage’ is one of his favorite AC/DC albums even though it is not the record that everybody loves. He explained the reason why he loves the record so much.

‘Powerage’ is the fifth studio album of AC/DC which was released back in 1978. It also featured a total of nine songs such as ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Damnation,’ ‘Sin City,’ and many more. According to Joe Perry, ‘Powerage’ has intense riffs and guitar solos all around the songs. He also mentioned that it also matches with the storytelling of the late singer, Bon Scott, which is the main reason why he deeply admired this record.

Joe Perry talked about AC/DC and their ‘Powerage’ record:

“I was introduced to AC/DC when we were lucky enough to have them open for us at shows on the Draw The Line tour in 1977.

I was absolutely blown away the first time I saw them, and I’ve been a really big fan ever since. Even if you hadn’t heard their songs before, when you saw them live they had everybody on their feet, including me.”

He continued:

“They didn’t need any production, they didn’t need any lights, they just needed their guitars, their amps and plenty of watts, and they’d destroy the place. They were pretty mellow guys off-stage, but once they stepped onstage, they were on fire. They’re rock’n’roll at its best, the real deal.

All the early records with Bon Scott are great, and Powerage is definitely one of my favorites. To me, it perfectly distilled everything that I like about rock’n’roll down to its essence.

As a guitar player, obviously, I’m going to be drawn in by the riffs and the way Angus just tore it up on every solo, but then you listen to Bon’s story-telling and that’s just wonderful.”

Later in the conversation, Perry also talked about his relationship with Bon Scott and said that they hang out a bit back then. As far as Joe knows, Bon lived the rock‘n’roll life to the fullest.

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