Joe Perry Announces His Support For The World’s Largest Volunteer Effort

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry set an example to the world by promoting a coastal cleanup event from his official Instagram account. In the post, the guitarist also invited his followers to join the event and contribute to the effort of making our world a cleaner place.

Joe Perry is mainly known for being the guitarist of Aerosmith, but he also plays for Hollywood Vampires alongside Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper. Like many rockstars, he has also received a lot of awards and gained accomplishments during his musical career. Apart from his musicianship, it seems from his recent Instagram post that Perry is also an environmental activist.

As you already know, there is a huge environmental problem resulting from the trash that humans leave in nature. Many aquatic animals die as a result of marine pollution. Although many people embrace nature and try to be conscious of environmental concerns, it is necessary to remind everyone of our harmful actions and their consequences.

In a recent Instagram post, Joe Perry drew his followers’ attention to an environmental concern. In the post, the guitarist invited his followers to an event of collecting trash from the beaches and the waters. He included a photo that gave the details of the event with some pun-intended inscriptions. Moreover, Perry explained the cause of the event and directed his followers to Ocean Conservancy’s Instagram page for more information.

The picture Jerry included in his post stated that:

“You are coral-ly invited to 2021 International Coastal Cleanup.

A devoted lover of the sea along with the Ocean conservancy requests your presence in reconnection with our blue planet and collecting coastal trash from our cherished waterways.

Starting Saturday, September 18, 2021. Any place is a good place to Connect and Collect at the ICC.

We o-fish-ally grant you a +1 or +10.”

Here is what Joe Perry stated in his Instagram post:

“Want to give back to our blue planet and have fun while doing so? Join Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup! Keep our ocean trash free by forming a cleanup crew, selecting a location, and taking on the trash. Starting September 18, Connect and Collect at the world’s largest volunteer effort to clean our coasts.”

In the comments section, Perry’s fans stated that this is why they love him so much. There is no doubt that his sensitivity towards nature, environmental concerns, and his volunteer work steal the hearts of his fans. On the other hand, some of his followers commented that he should come and do it himself if he cares so much. Currently, it is unclear whether the guitarist will also be attending the event.

You can see the photo Joe Perry posted below.

Photo Credit: Joe Perry – Instagram