Joe Lynn Turner Believes Ritchie Blackmore Wouldn’t Fit In Deep Purple Anymore

Joe Lynn Turner recently shared why he thought a Deep Purple reunion was a distant possibility, detailing how frontman Ian Gillan and guitar hero Ritchie Blackmore were far from any truce while chatting with Eddie Trunk.

The feud between Blackmore and Gillan dates back decades ago, as the pair’s personal turbulences started out in Deep Purple‘s early days and famously resulted in the frontman’s departure. Although there had been different reunions throughout the years, the band couldn’t get together with the classic lineup featuring Ian and Ritchie ever since 1984.

So, when Trunk disclosed to Turner that reliable sources had been telling him about how Blackmore was in talks for a possible reunion with his old buddies, Joe smoothly revealed that Gillan and the guitarist were far from burying the hatchet, noting that he believed those talks were nothing but what they were: simply rumors with no truth.

The vocalist then continued by discussing why he believed a reunion wouldn’t work out, pointing out how former guitarist Simon Morse was with the band longer than Ritchie Blackmore and filled in for him. He also noted that current guitarist Simon McBride fits in the band so well that he doesn’t consider co-founding member Ritchie as a necessary piece of the Deep Purple puzzle.

Joe’s words on whether the guitar legend would reunite with Ian and his former bandmates:

“Well, I’ll tell you — I don’t know how. They’re doing fine with Simon [McBride], and I think, shall we say, [laughs] the friction between Ritchie and Gillan is not getting any better.

But you know what? God bless. I think it’s more people’s imagination, people’s desire that people want. If it does [happen], happy days. I’ll be the first one to buy the record. But at the same time, a rumor is just a rumor. It doesn’t seem to be going that way.

I think Steve Morse — God bless him — was in the band longer than Ritchie was, and now Simon’s in the band. And I don’t see where [Ritchie‘s] gonna fit in again.”

The singer noted that he viewed the possibility of a classic lineup reunion only as a rumor and didn’t believe there was any piece of truth to it. Well, since Turner had worked with Blackmore both in Deep Purple and Rainbow, we could easily say that he knows the guitar hero better than any fan could possibly know, so maybe that’s why he’s so sure that a reunion with Gillan and Ritchie is a distant possibility.