Joe Elliott’s Confession On Def Leppard’s ‘Poor’ Reputation

According to many, rock music doesn’t get the respect and recognition it deserves in the current music scene. However, many rock music acts made the headlines and became more prominent than any other act back in the day. Especially from the ’60s to ’80s, there was a craze for rock bands like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Guns N’ Roses, Queen, and Led Zeppelin.

Though there are countless opinions regarding this matter, most rockers think the genre is underrepresented. During an interview in 2010, Joe Elliott joined those who reflected on this issue and touched upon how rock music is treated. The musician revealed why Def Leppard has a poor reputation in the scene when other acts still get recognition.

Joe Elliott Said Def Leppard Isn’t Respected Enough

In a 2010 interview with Metro Magazine, Joe Elliott argued that Def Leppard didn’t get the credit they deserved in Britain. He then stated that the music magazines wrote about them without considering their success, and Jools Holland didn’t invite them on his show as they weren’t cool enough.

According to Joe Elliott, music magazines only give importance to iconic artists like Nick Drake, Paul McCartney, and Morrissey, who have been on the front covers numerous times. However, Elliott claimed Def Leppard sells more than Morrissey, but they don’t get the same amount of respect.

Speaking to Metro Magazine in 2010, Joe Elliott said the following:

“People in Britain don’t realize it. We don’t get the credit we deserve in Britain. It’s nice to walk down Oxford Street without being recognized, but when music magazines write about us, they take the piss because we’re not as cool as Johnny Marr, who isn’t as successful as us by a million miles. Jools Holland won’t have us on his show because we’re not cool enough.”

He then continued:

“Rock’s plowed its furrow for 30 years, but still, music magazines don’t give rock music its due and still rave on about Nick Drake. How many more front covers do Paul McCartney and Morrissey need? Our album will sell more than Morrissey’s, so why don’t we get the same kind of respect?

There are more people than Bono and Michael Stipe to put on the cover of a magazine. More musicians are out there, whether it’s Simon Le Bon, Gary Kemp, Bruce Dickinson, or me. It’s not just Lennon and Jim Morrison. Bands who have sold sh*tloads of records, whether us or Depeche Mode, are becoming footnotes.

So, Joe Elliott believes that artists like Bono and Michael Stipe, or John Lennon and Jim Morrison, receive the utmost respect. In contrast, other successful ones like Simon Le Bon, Gary Kemp, Bruce Dickinson, Depeche Mode, and Def Leppard remain as footnotes.