Joe Elliott And Lindsey Buckingham Pay Tribute To Christine McVie

Christine McVie’s untimely passing on November 30, 2022, shocked everybody, including his Fleetwood Mac bandmate and close friend Stevie Nicks. Recently, Lindsey Buckingham and Joe Elliott took to their Twitter to pay tribute to the late singer and praise her contributions to the music scene.

“Christine McVie’s sudden passing is profoundly heartbreaking,” wrote Lindsey Buckingham in a handwritten note he posted as a tweet. “Not only were she and I part of the magical family of Fleetwood Mac, but to me, Christine was a musical comrade, a friend, a soul mate, a sister.”

“For over four decades,” he continued, looking back on the time they played together in Fleetwood Mac, “we helped each other create a beautiful body of work and a lasting legacy that continues to resonate today. I feel very lucky to have known her. Though she will be deeply missed, her spirit will live on through that body of work and that legacy.”

On the other hand, “Sad to hear of the passing of Christine McVie,” wrote Joe Elliott in his tweet, expressing his sadness over the singer’s loss. “A truly talented writer whose contribution to ‘Rumours’ alone stands her head and shoulders above most.”

Elliott continued, “The ‘Mac’ sat at the next table to us when Stevie Nicks was inducted as a solo artist into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2019 & to see the smile on CV’s face as her mate got the award just shows she was a brilliant ‘band’ person too… RIP Songbird.”

After an undisclosed illness that even Stevie Nicks didn’t know about, Christine McVie passed away in a hospital at 79. Fans learned the sad news from McVie’s family, who made an announcement through social media. As it appears, her sudden passing deeply affected Buckingham and Elliott. Rest in peace, Christine.