Joe Bonamassa Shares The Recipe For ‘John Mayer Meets Eric Clapton Sound’


The legendary blues-rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter Joe Bonamassa opened up about the must-have music equipment during an appearance on Cory Wong’s Wong Notes Podcast and revealed the tips in order to achieve a combination of John Mayer and Eric Clapton.

As many of you might already know, Joe Bonamassa is widely known for his extensive collection of vintage amplifiers and guitars he started collecting at an early age thanks to his parents who owned a music shop in upstate New York.

Bonamassa even has a special area in his house named ‘Bona-seum’ in which his vintage gear, vintage guitars, and amps are displayed. Since he has an enormous collection, enough to create his own museum, it’s fair to say the legendary musician is the expert when it comes to any type of music equipment.

During a recent interview, Joe Bonamassa revealed some of the pieces of equipment every guitarist needs in addition to revealing the process fans should follow if they want to create a hybrid sound including two iconic musicians such as John Mayer and Eric Clapton.

Apparently, all they need to do in order to achieve a ‘thick and round sound,’ according to Bonamassa is to use B.K. Buttler tube driver in addition to a combination of a Dyna Comp and a Big Muff and that’s when any guitarist can have the sound of John Mayer Eric Clapton mixture.

Here is what the interviewer asked:

“What do you suggest for me as an overdrive if I want the John Mayer meets Clapton sound – is that still overdrive?”

Here is what Bonamassa said:

“You mean like that kind of thick, really round sound? The thing about what Eric does is – he had that mid boost in his guitar, and if you’ve ever messed with one and you turn the mid boost up to like five or six, you go, ‘OK, this is how he does it,’ and he basically plugs straight in.

I’m not very well-versed in the thousands and thousands of boutique pedals, but I would say if you were to require something like that, you could probably achieve it pretty closely with either some sort of B.K. Buttler tube driver.

Or probably a combination of like a Dyna Comp and like a Big Muff, something that keeps everything together, but yet the Big Muff Fuzz isn’t as sputtery as Fuzz Face, so you get that big mid-range, it’s just that big thick thing in the middle.”

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