Ted Nugent Slams People Who Want Their Student Loans Forgiven And Says It’s Not Anyone’s Responsibility

Conservative political activist and musician Ted Nugent recently shared his views on some hot topics during his Facebook live stream and slammed people who want their student loans to be erased by saying that no one is responsible for their ‘stupid moves.’

As you know, Nugent is one of the most vocal rockstars of our era, and he often uses his Facebook account to interact with his fans, share his political views, and talk about his daily life. He has never shied away from expressing his views on hot topics, and his controversial statements have always attracted a lot of attention.

While some find his statements fair and reasonable, others criticize him for his racist, homophobic, and transphobic views. In his recent live stream, Ted Nugent compared two groups of ‘young Americans’ and evaluated how they contribute to their nation.

First, he praised the young Americans who work at the Full Circle Program which is a ‘ministry serving families with teens/young adults struggling with a range of issues that can challenge the very foundation of any household’ such as substance abuse, gambling, pornography, eating disorders, depression, and promiscuity.

Nugent said that they are great examples of young Americans and praised them for their service. Then, he went on to slam the people ‘sitting on their ass wanting their student loan forgiven.’ The musician said that no one is responsible for their ‘stupid moves’ and there are a lot of people like him who didn’t take a student loan because they knew they couldn’t afford it.

While making fun of the people who took a student loan so as to get an education, he said that forgiving them wouldn’t make sense on any planet. Then, he went on to say that it actually makes sense on the ‘planet of Joe Biden lie-zone‘ and where transgender people are allowed to compete with the gender they identify within athletics, which he apparently doesn’t find logical.

Here’s what he said during his Livestream (transcribed by RC):

“Please go to the website of the Full Circle Program where great Americans are helping great Americans, because we all stumble. When we are in the arena pursuing life, liberty, and happiness we all stumble. And then we get back up dust ourselves off and get back in the frame. And the young Americans at Full Circle Program are doing just that for their fellow young Americans. A big salute to all those guys. The guys, the young boys, and girls, the young Americans at Full Circle Program.”

He went on to say:

“God, family, freedom, law, and order. Earning your own way, living within your own means, saving for a rainy day. Not sitting on your ass wanting your student loan forgiven. Should we pay off your car? What other stupid moves did you make that we’re supposed to pay off?

How about those of us who didn’t take out a student loan because we knew we couldn’t pay for it? How about you charge us because you were too stupid? On what planet does that make sense? Oh on the same planet where men can compete with women in athletic sports. Oh, that planet of the apes cuckoo’s nest. Planet of the Joe Biden lie-zone.”

You can check out his Facebook live stream by clicking here.