Joan Jett Is Being Selfish By Refusing The Runaways Reunion, Cherie Currie Claims

The question of whether the Runaways will reunite seems to remain unanswered, as Cherie Currie recently discussed while chatting with Waste Some Time With Jason Green. Currie blamed Joan Jett for being selfish for not allowing the band’s reunion, as another bandmate, Lita Ford also got her fair share of accusations.

Well, it’s no secret that Jett and Ford had been making it much more challenging to reunite the Runaways, as Lita’s not fond of working with Jett’s longtime collaborator and producer, Kenny Laguna. This, of course, is not the only reason why the band’s reunion is now a distant possibility since Joan also believed that they were not teenagers anymore, so reuniting the Runaways wouldn’t be the wisest decision.

So, as Cherie pointed out how she was the only band member who collaborated with all her former bandmates after their disbandment, she didn’t hesitate to criticize her bandmates. The singer blamed Joan and Lita’s reluctance for getting in the way of the Runaways reunion. The rocker made it clear that she believed they owed the fans a reunion as they’ve been supportive, turning them into the rockstars they’d become.

The frontwoman’s recent criticisms against her former bandmates are as follows:

“I’m the only bandmember that’s ever played with all the bandmembers once the Runaways dispersed, disbanded. I played with Lita — I played with her; actually, I think 2015 was the last time I played on stage with her. But I played, of course, with Sandy [West]  until she passed; I played with Joan [and] Jackie [Fox]. So I played with all the band members.

But Lita has a big problem with Kenny [Laguna]. I kind of understand why now. When Joan was into it, Lita wasn’t. When Lita was into it, Joan wasn’t. And at this point, it’s, like, ‘You know what, you girls? Are you out of your mind? Just grow the eff up.”

Joan uses the excuse that we’re not teenagers anymore; we’re not the Runaways anymore. But to me, I think it’s incredibly selfish. You do things for the fans, and when you start thinking that you’re doing things for yourself after all these years of being successful in this business. I really think that both Lita and Joan owe it to the fans. But that’s just me.”

Thus, Cherie thought that Jett and Ford’s selfishness was to blame for the Runaways’ unsuccessful attempts to reunite. The singer believes their fans deserve to see a reunion as they’ve been with them all these years. However, Joan’s numerous excuses and Lita’s dislike of Kenny Laguna make things challenging.