Jimmy Page Reflects On John Bonham’s Influence On Hiphop Music

In a recent interview with Raised on Radio, Led Zeppelin’s iconic guitarist Jimmy Page spoke about his late bandmate John Bonham. He stated that Bonham influenced not only rock but also hip hop music.

Led Zeppelin had a very successful career for twelve years until they disbanded after the saddening death of John Bonham in 1980. They significantly influenced the rock and roll genre as one of the pioneering acts of metal, with their blues-oriented sound and their contributions in developing album-oriented, stadium rock.

The disbanded Led Zeppelin has continued to influence musicians worldwide, and the members have pursued solo careers. Robert Plant and Jimmy Page collaborated with many artists aside from being solo musicians and put new music out there. Unfortunately, John Bonham didn’t have the time to do anything else but Zeppelin. However, his time there and his inspiring rhythms have never been forgotten.

Recently, Page talked about Bonham’s drumming skills and how much he influenced the music world. He stated that Bonham has also made a huge contribution not only in the rock genre but also the hip-hop genre with his beats. He said that his late bandmate’s drumming changed the entire drumming scene from their very first album.

Here is the question asked by the interviewer:

“The drum sound of that track was so amazing. It went to lay the blueprint of a lot of hip-hop?

Here is what Page said:

“Absolutely. You see, John Bonham’s drumming changed drumming from the very first album, track one side one ‘Good Times Bad Times,’ this sort of role he was doing on a bass drum. People just couldn’t believe that he was doing it with one bass drum. His approach to drumming was extraordinary.

You can watch the full interview below.