Jimmy Page: ‘Led Zeppelin Is An Incredible Textbook For Musicians’


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page was recently at the ‘Becoming Led Zeppelin’ conference. During the conversation, Page claimed that all of Led Zeppelin’s musical work is a marvelous textbook for musicians.

Talented musician Jimmy Page achieved international success as the guitarist and founder of Led Zeppelin. He made great contributions to the band with his creative riffs and guitar playing style. Apart from playing with the Zeppelin, the guitarist has also worked with numerous musicians and bands. Considering his musical career, Jimmy Page is no doubt among the most influential guitarists of all time.

As you may already know, Led Zeppelin’s contribution to rock music history is now detailed in a documentary now named ‘Becoming Led Zeppelin.’ The official documentary screens the rise of the band members to phenomenal success and describes their formation and early years. ‘Becoming Led Zeppelin’ debuted on September 4 at the Venice International Film Festival in Italy, and Jimmy Page took part in a press conference following its first screening.

At the ‘Becoming Led Zeppelin’ press conference, Jimmy Page talked about the band’s early days and how they made a name for themselves in the past. Following that, he stated that everything Led Zeppelin has ever created is an incredible textbook for musicians. Page then said he is a self-taught musician, and he wants to encourage all musicians to make music.

Talking about Led Zeppelin’s early days, Jimmy Page said:

“There was an underground radio, there were underground concerts, but in England, nobody knew what we were doing, but we were really quite a cult band. So here comes the second part of the story then, you can go to a record company and say ‘well I was in a band called The Yardbirds that has now split.’ ‘Were you on any of the hit records?’ ‘No I wasn’t on any of the hit records but we’ve got a really big following in America, it’s a guitar-based band.’

The best way to do that was not to say ‘can we have an advance to make an album?’ The way to do it was to actually make the album and then present it. So as far as Led Zeppelin today, I think the whole of the work of Led Zeppelin is an incredible textbook for musicians, that’s what I do believe and I’m really happy that it is so.

I’m a self-taught musician as well, it’s not something that I learned in an academy. I would like to encourage all musicians, whether they do go to an academy, classically trained or whatever, or self-taught. Because to play an instrument, it’s such a wonderful thing to have a connection with an instrument.”

You can check out the full footage of the conference below.