Jimi Hendrix’s Guilty Pleasure That Put People’s Lives In Danger

Most musicians have unique personalities and different philosophies of life and the people around them. These characteristics contribute a lot to the art that they create. However, standing out is often considered quirky and weird, and they sometimes become outsiders, which can be painful. The musicians, who have succeeded despite the obstacles, still struggle to survive in the industry.

As being exposed to the music industry’s stressful atmosphere where everyone is in constant competition can be highly challenging, many artists have found solace in their hobbies. Roger Daltrey’s trout farming, Courtney Love’s dolls, Charlie Watts’ car collection, and Alice Cooper’s golfing can be great examples. Let’s learn about Jimi Hendrix’s hobby, which was more dangerous than the others.

Jimi Hendrix’s Dangerous Hobby

The longtime and dedicated Jimi Hendrix fans and people close to him knew that he always lived on the edge until his last breath. Like his way of living, Hendrix’s guitar playing was edgy, different, and risky, which could either bring great commercial success and international fame or failure.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience and his solo acts achieved critical acclaim and made him one of the best guitarists in the world. However, unfortunately, his extraordinary talent and consequential success fueled his drug and alcohol addiction, leading to severe problems in his relationships because of his violent behavior while under the influence. His substance abuse wasn’t the only act of self-harm because he had a dangerous guilty pleasure. 

According to Spiditty’s Kelley Marks, the legendary guitar player was into expensive concept cars such as the Corvette Stingray, of which he owned six. It’s for sure that Hendrix’s hobby was driving cars fast, although he didn’t have a driver’s license. Nothing could stop Hendrix, and he enjoyed using them, but his bad eyesight probably caused some trouble for the guitarist who didn’t want to use glasses. Thankfully, his fast driving hobby didn’t hurt him or anybody else, which was the case for several musicians in the rock scene.