Jim McGorman Explains His Disappointment About David Lee Roth

Jim McGorman appeared on the new episode of the Everyone Loves Guitar podcast and revealed his disappointment with David Lee Roth.

While telling the story of working with several musicians, from Goo Goo Dolls to Avril Lavigne, he told the story of working with Roth.

Roth Was Not As Vivid As Before

In the interview, McGorman expressed his disappointment with Roth— though not disappointed in working with him, he was bummed to see him not as vivid as before. He shared the story:

“So I get in, Alex Gibson was the producer, and then here comes Roth. It’s a strange thing because I was envisioning him doing splits. But that was like 20 years passed, and his hair wasn’t the same or what was left.”

Although Roth’s hair and physical activity were no longer the same as before, he was still the same person in terms of excitement. McGorman added:

“But he was cool, he was super cool, and he was asking me a bunch of questions about musical direction. He was fascinated by that, and he just walked right in and chitchatted for maybe five minutes, and then I was in the booth.”

What McGorman Was Paid for the Project

Before the story of meeting and working with Roth, McGorman explained the money talk he had been in that day. Referring to the money talk as a taboo in the music industry, he was asked how much he wanted to get paid instead of being told how much money he was going to receive.

McGorman’s admiration for David Lee Roth was clarified when he stated that he would have done it for free because it was Roth he was working for. Eventually, he decided to have ‘whatever the other session players are getting.’

You can watch the interview below.