Jerry Cantrell Recalls Hearing Chris Cornell’s Voice For The First Time

Alice In Chains singer and guitarist Jerry Cantrell recently recalled hearing Chris Cornell’s voice for the first time in Soundgarden’s first song. He stated how surprised he was to hear a riff and a voice so good that he questioned where Cornell came from.

Soundgarden was founded in 1984 by the late guitarist and singer Chris Cornell. The band released their first single ‘Hunted Down’ in 1987, and later that year, they dropped their debut album ‘Screaming Life.’ The lyrics were written by Chris Cornell, and its music was composed by the lead guitarist Kim Thayil. It was considered brave for a newcomer band to release such heavy music and a riff. However, their bravery influenced many bands coming after them.

Sadly, Chris Cornell passed away in 2017 after taking his own life. His death saddened the entire rock world and brought dark clouds upon those who looked up to him. Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell was among those who were highly influenced by Soundgarden’s music and Chris Cornell himself.

Working with the band several times throughout his career, Cantrell recently recalled hearing them for the first time. The singer praised Cornell and Soundgarden for starting their career with such a heavy song that also had, ‘energy.’ According to him, Cornell’s voice was so unique that he questioned where it actually came from.

Here is what he stated about Cornell:

“‘Hunted Down’ is the first thing I heard by Soundgarden and God, that riff is just so doom, and it has got energy at the same time. It’s where it all starts with Soundgarden; it’s the first song. What a way to come on the scene with a riff like that, and the voice of Chris Cornell is just, what the hell dude. Where did this guy come from?”

You can listen to the full interview below.