Jerry Cantrell Addresses Michael Anthony Not Getting Enough Credit For His Vocals In Van Halen

Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell joined an interview with The Spokesman in which he claimed former Van Halen member Michael Anthony didn’t receive the credit he deserved for his vocals.

Formed in 1987 by Jerry Cantrell and Sean Kinney, Alice In Chains released their debut album ‘Facelift’ back on August 21, 1990. However, the record didn’t become an instant success after the release, and it sold under 40,000 copies in the first six months until MTV added the song ‘Man In The Box’ to regular daytime rotation.

After the success of the singles ‘Sea Of Sorrow’ and ‘Man In The Box,’ ‘Facelift’ achieved great commercial success and critical acclaim. Besides, ‘Man In The Box’ was also the reason Sammy Hagar noticed Alice In Chains and invited them to tour with Van Halen. After opening for bands like Van Halen, the band then continued to rise in popularity.

In an interview by The Spokesman, the host Ed Condran asked Jerry Cantrell about Van Halen’s 1981 show which influenced Jerry Cantrell to form a band. He then asked him how would it be if Van Halen was still making music today. As a response, Cantrell said it would be pretty sick. 

Following that, Ed Condran told Cantrell that Van Halen’s Michael Anthony never received enough credit for his backing vocals in the band. Cantrell then agreed with him and stated that Anthony was sick, however, Eddie Van Halen was also great considering his vocals according to Jerry.

The Spokesman‘s Ed Condran told Jerry Cantrell the following:

“…The show that had perhaps the biggest impact on me was Van Halen in 1981. After catching that show, you were compelled to form a band. Can you imagine if Van Halen was around today?”

Jerry Cantrell then answered:

“It would be pretty sick.”

Ed Condran added:

“Alice in Chains reminds me in a way of Van Halen with the harmonies. Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony never received enough credit for his backing vocals.”

As a response, Cantrell said:

Anthony was sick, but Eddie Van Halen was great, too.”

Michael Anthony was working with Van Halen as their bassist and backing vocalist at that time. Working with the band since 1974, Anthony was a %20 member of all debts and profits until the 1984 tour when he signed away all future credit and royalties. Following that, the bassist’s role in Van Halen diminished, and Eddie’s son Wolfgang replaced him in 2006.