Jen Majura Responds To Criticism About ‘Playing The Evanescence Victim’

Jen Majura replaced Evanescence guitarist Terry Balsamo in August 2015 and became the band’s rhythm guitarist until she parted ways with them in May 2022. Majura has made several statements following her departure from Evanescence, and she recently addressed this issue while speaking to IbagensCast while expressing her emotions regarding the split.

“I’m tired,” said Jen Majura when asked about her feelings. “I am very, very tired because there are many opinions, and there’s a lot of judgment out there. It got to a point where no matter what I posted, people had opinions about that.”

The guitarist later stated that many people accuse her of playing the victim despite her actions. She exclaimed, “It seems ridiculous to me, but if I would say honestly how I feel; I’m hurt; it’s hard; of course, I’m not feeling great. People would go, like, ‘Oh, you’re playing the victim.’”

Majura admitted giving up defending herself and being sincere, saying, “So, I’m, like, ‘Okay. All right then.’ So I said, ‘Actually, I’m doing okay. I’m all right.’ And then, of course, people would go, like, ‘She never gave a sh*t about the band.’ And it got to a point where I’m, like, ‘You know what? I could post about my blueberry yogurt, and you would still find a way to connect this to what happened.’”

Evanescence lead singer Amy Lee had opened up about Majura’s departure and explained, “It’s hard to explain what I’m saying without being specific, and we all love Jen; we had a great time with Jen. I don’t want to make it like it’s anything negative there.” Lee later shared the reason behind their decision by saying, “Sometimes that chapter ends, and when you feel that and you know that as a band, that’s how you keep things going. That’s how you keep your team, band, and everything healthy and moving the way it’s supposed to.”

After the band announced they had parted ways with Majura, the guitarist addressed what had happened. She stressed that she had no hard feelings toward anybody, expressed her gratitude, and wished the band the best. However, in later conversations, the guitar player addressed the time she received the call about being fired and stated that it felt like a ‘bad joke.’