Jeff Scott Soto Praises Spike Edney For Queen And Brian May’s Success

Former Journey frontman Jeff Scott Soto praised Queen’s touring keyboardist Spike Edney and noted that he was the band members’ musical director during his recent appearance on Artist On Record. He highlighted that Edney contributed significantly to Brian May and Queen’s hit records.

Spike Edney has been Queen’s touring member and session musician since 1984, and he started playing with the band during their The Works Tour, which began on August 24, 1984, in Brussels and ended on May 15, 1985, in Osaka. Then, he appeared with the band in many concerts and tours as their keyboardist, back vocalist, and rhythm guitarist. Also, his performance in Queen’s twelfth studio album ‘A Kind of Magic’ released on June 2, 1986, was highly appreciated by their fans.

As one of the musicians who have named Queen’s Freddie Mercury as their influence, Jeff Scott Soto drew attention to Edney’s role in Queen’s records besides May and Roger Taylor’s music over the years. In his recent interview, the famous singer stated that he’s a touring keyboardist and their musical director, and all Queen members have trusted him because ‘he gets stuff done.’

In addition, years before these words about Edney, Jeff Scott Soto sang ‘Stone Cold Crazy’ with Taylor, May, and Edney to celebrate their  Hollywood Walk Of Fame star in 2002. Hence, it seems like Jeff got a chance to get close with them and find out what happens backstage. Jeff Scott Soto defined Spike as an ‘uber talented’ musician and exclaimed that he loves him to death.

Soto said in his interview that:

He was the musical director for Brian May, Roger Taylor, and solo stuff. He’s their guy, one of the most uber-talented dudes on the planet. They trust him with their lives and know when he gets stuff done, they just have to show up and be ready to play. I love Spike to death.”

You can check out the interview below.