Jay Jay French Says Bob Dylan Doesn’t Care Whether Fans Like His Performance Or Not

Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French gave an interview to Metal Asylum during which he stated that Bob Dylan doesn’t care about whether his fans like his performance.

Many music acts have that one song which is their most famous hit and their fans’ favorite. Most of the time, the fans ask the artists to play that song during the live performances and gigs, but ultimately the band members grow tired of playing that song. This might even lead them to eventually hate playing it during concerts.

Working with Twisted Sister since the band’s formation in 1972 up until the band’s last concert in 2016, Jay Jay French played his guitar live on stage with the band thousands of times. As it seems, just like Roger Daltrey, who hated singing one of the Who’s most famous songs, French also got tired of playing a Twisted Sister song.

In the interview on Metal Asylum, Jay Jay French revealed he got tired of performing Twisted Sister’s ‘Under The Blade.’ He then talked about what happens when a band decides not to play their popular songs and plays new material. According to the musician, the fans don’t care about songs from a new record.

Jay Jay French stated that the bands fool themselves by thinking that fans like them and gradually play less and less from their new album because they finally notice nobody cares about the new songs. Following that, the guitarist mentioned Bob Dylan and said he doesn’t care if the fans like the way he performs or not.

During the interview, Jay Jay French told Metal Asylum:

No one gives a fuck about your new record. They really don’t. So, what happens is they fool themselves into thinking they do, and the first week, they’re playing five songs, and then the next week, they’re playing four songs, and the next week, they’re playing two.

Then by one month into the tour, they’re playing one song from the new record. Why? Because nobody really cares. It doesn’t mean the song isn’t good, doesn’t mean the band isn’t good, doesn’t mean any of that. But the point is, you’re entertainers. So, what’s the point? Are you there to entertain or not?”

He added:

“Now, there are some people who don’t give a shit. Bob Dylan could care less whether you like the way he performs or not. He obviously turns his back against you, he mumbles, you don’t even know what the fuck he’s singing. And that’s what he wants to do; that’s his way of doing it.

We don’t work that way. Whether you like Twisted Sister or you don’t like Twisted Sister, here’s an undeniable fact – we’re one of the only handful of bands that a promoter will trust with 100,000 people.”

You can watch the full interview below.