Jason Newsted’s Wife Shuts Down The Rumors About Possibility Of Joining Megadeth

Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted‘s wife Nicole recently shared a post on her official Instagram page, speaking on the behalf of her husband who doesn’t have any social media accounts, and cleared the air about the recent allegations on Jason’s possibility to join Megadeth by revealing that it’s nothing but a rumor.

As some of you might recall, the official Instagram page of Megadeth shared a post nearly a week ago announcing the departure of the bassist David Ellefson from the band, mostly due to the tension between him and Megadeth icon Dave Mustaine as well as the recently occurred infamous incident which revealed Ellefson having a sexual interaction with an underage girl.

After this unexpected announcement, both many fans and the media instantly started to associate other legendary bassists with Megadeth despite the band has yet to announce a replacement for Ellefson. Furthermore, started rumors specifically about Jason Newsted becoming the next Megadeth bassist and asking other fans’ opinions about the matter. While many fans loved the idea out of admiration for the former Metallica bassist, they mostly stressed the fact that he left the band due to his physical exhaustion.

Here is what a fan said about the possibility:

“I think it won’t be good. If he said that he’s physically unable to play Metallica, then there’s no way he can play Megadeth. That’s the way I see it.”

Here is another fan who stressed the physical tiredness of Newsted:

“That would be awesome but I thought Jason was done with metal after messing up his shoulders and neck but this would be awesome. A lot of people don’t like Jason but he was a force live the best growl bgv’s in the business and a solid bass player.”

While the speculations on Jason Newsted stepping in to fill the bassist role in Megadeth within only a couple of days, fans have been waiting for an answer from the iconic bassist. However, Jason surprisingly doesn’t have any social media accounts whatsoever, therefore, it was his wife who cleared the matter for the curious fans.

Recently, Nicole Newsted shared a post on her official Instagram page breaking the hopeful fans’ heart as she revealed that Jason is not planning on joining Megadeth as the band’s bassist as well as stressing the fact that he does not have any social media accounts which is the reason why they should be aware that they aren’t receiving messages from the actual bassist.

Here is what Nicole Newsted said:

“Hi, guys! Two things

1. Jason is not joining Megadeth. peace to them. Listen to metal.

2. Jason does not have social media accounts; this includes but is not limited to TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Onlyfans, and Tinder. If you are receiving dm’s from the Jason Newsted music account or any other account claiming to be Jason please know this is not Jason and proceed at your own risk”.

You can see the Instagram post down below.

Photo Credit: Nicole Newsted – Instagram Page