Jason Momoa Receives A Special Gift From Metallica And Shares Unboxing Video

Game Of Thrones and Aquaman actor Jason Momoa unboxed Metallica’s ‘Black Album 2021’ box set and shared these moments in a video on his Instagram.

Jason Momoa is a widely known actor for his roles in the series Game of Thrones and the film Aquaman. In addition to that, he is also a celebrity who listens to rock & metal music. As it appears on his social media accounts, he also likes interacting with his favorite musicians and bands such as Metallica, Slayer, and more.

As you know, Metallica recently celebrated the 30th year of their legendary self-titled album, also known as the ‘Black Album.’ They celebrated the album’s 30th anniversary by releasing a remastered version and a special box set. ‘Black Album 2021,’ and its box set became purchasable two days ago, and Momoa was one of the first to get a chance to take a look at it some hours ago.

In the video he posted on his Instagram, Jason appears to be unboxing the ‘Black Album 2021.’ The actor looks pretty impressed with what he received, including a photography book, CDs, and more. Momoa pointed out that there are tons of materials in this box set, and every fan of Metallica deserves one. Moreover, he also claimed Metallica was a huge inspiration throughout his whole life.

Jason Momoa wrote after sharing the video on Instagram:

“Aloha Kakahiaka! Well, I know what I’m training to for the rest of Aquaman 2. So stoked it came out yesterday worldwide 14 CDs 6 LPs 6 DVDs and tons of rad shit for all the fans that deserve this. It’s on. Crushing today.

Love you guys Metallica, for all your inspiration you’ve been through the highs and lows of my life. All my Aloha!”

You can check out the video Jason posted on his Instagram below.