Jason Bonham Feels Fortunate To Have His Father John’s Footage To Remember Him

Sammy Hagar and The Circle drummer Jason Bonham recently joined a conversation with New York’s 102.3 WBAB and stated that he feels lucky to have his father John Bonham‘s footage to show to his children, who never had a chance to meet him.

Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham died from inhaling vomit due to excessive consumption of alcohol in 1980. The incident happened while the band was preparing for their upcoming North American tour, supporting their eighth studio album, ‘In Through the Out Door.’ He played such a significant role in the band that his death also ended Led Zeppelin as an active act.

During a recent conversation, Jason Bonham revealed that Taylor Hawkins, who recently passed away in his hotel room in Bogotá, Colombia, reminded him of his father’s death during the band’s South American tour. He instantly remembered the day he learned about his father’s passing. The drummer reflected on his sadness over Hawkins’ sudden death and offered his condolences to his family and friends.

Then, Bonham continued by saying that he feels fortunate that there are enough videos of his father on the internet so that he can show them to his children who never met their grandfather. He stressed that some people don’t have that chance, so he feels very lucky to have his father’s footage to remember. The drummer expressed his sadness over the similar fate his father and Taylor Hawkins had shared.

Jason Bonham’s statements on having his father’s footage:

“I’m fortunate that my dad has enough clips on YouTube and the Internet that you can go to, and I can say to my children who never met him, ‘This is your grandpa.’ So for us, we’re blessed. There is footage always there to show them what he was like. And some people don’t have that. So I feel very fortunate.”

Jason Bonham has been hitting the road for his 2022 US tour with his band Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Evening. His tour is scheduled to end on April 30 in Austin, Texas. Later on, he will join Kid Rock on his ‘Bad Reputation Tour’ in May 2022.