James Hetfield Expresses His Gratitude For Metallica’s Scholars Program

The official Twitter page of Metallica shared a post in the name of lead singer James Hetfield in which he expressed his opinions about the band’s foundation, ‘All Within My Hands.’ Apparently, the organization added nine new community colleges to its portfolio and Hetfield couldn’t be happier for the future of the students that will also contribute to their work as a band.

As some of you might know, Metallica supports workforce educations through its initiative named All Within My Hands Foundation which was established in 2019 with 10 schools and expanded in 2020 to 15 schools. The schools are selected through an application process and are given $100,000 each to use in the most beneficial way for the improvement of their programs.

The main goal of their foundation is for students to receive instruction enabling them to get higher-paying jobs and establish stable careers. Metallica members spread their philanthropic efforts by donating a portion of ticket sales. In addition to this, the band encourages their fans to join them in their efforts to help students build their future.

Recently, the official Twitter page of the All Within My Hands Foundation shared a post announcing the good news that they are now joined by nine new community colleges. The schools that are joining Metallica Scholars will also receive $100k to improve their students’ future potentials.

The foundation’s tweet follows:

“Meet the nine new community colleges joining Metallica Scholars and receiving $100k. This program has fundamentally improved the earning potential for students who become Metallica Scholars and we could not be prouder!”

After the thrilling announcement, Metallica shared a post on its official Twitter page replying to that tweet with James Hetfield’s own statement. Apparently, the band is in close contact with all the career choices related to their touring such as professional driving and mechanical maintenance. These professions make the band’s touring and performing possible which is an aspect of the foundation that benefits Metallica as well.

In his own words, James Hetfield stated:

“As a touring entity, we’re in direct involvement with multiple essential career choices along our path. From electrical, professional driving, mechanical maintenance… Technical careers make our touring and performances possible. We are grateful to these trades.

You can see the Twitter post below.