Jacoby Shaddix Says Papa Roach’s New Album Is Ready And Is So Good They Should Get A Grammy

During a recent conversation with Lazer 103.3, Papa Roach’s lead vocalist Jacoby Shaddix shared the latest updates considering the band’s upcoming album and boasted about making ‘the best Papa Roach album‘ of their career while saying that they’ve also managed to write the perfect lead single that will blow everyone’s minds.

Papa Roach released their latest album Who Do You Trust back in January 2019 which was well-received by both fans and critics. Since then, the band’s devoted fans have been waiting for some updates about the band’s follow-up album which were provided by the band’s frontman just over a month ago.

Jacoby had said that the band members locked themselves up for a month with their engineers, videographer, and producers to create the perfect album during the challenging times of Covid-19, and he had described this process as ‘non-stop creativity.’

In his recent interview, Shaddix said that they are now done with the record and that it’s just being mastered. He went on to say that if Papa Roach has ever made an album that deserves a Grammy nomination, then this is it as it is very inspired and ‘breaks boundaries, walls.’

He added that they spent a lot of time trying to come up with the perfect album and show opener and that after a lot of hard work, they finally managed to create that song. He advised his fans to ‘just wait’ for the ‘confetti cannons, the explosions, the glitter flying out of the sky.’

Here’s what Jacoby said in the interview:

“We are done with the record. It’s being mastered right now. And this record is — how do I explain it? It’s the best Papa Roach album we’ve ever written and recorded in our entire career. I’ll go as far as to say, like, if we ever made a record that could be nominated for a Grammy, this would be the record – straight up.

It breaks boundaries, walls. It’s so inspired. It’s just got ill depth — moments where I was just, like, ‘Do I just go there or do I hold back?’ And it was no holds barred. It was just, like, ‘Just go for it.’ And I think that that’s what really makes the album special – that we were willing to just take risks, but in a way that’s not self-indulgent and, ‘Oh, we’re such artists now.’ It’s a ripping record.”

He went on to say:

“We’ve been wanting to write a song that’s one of the lead singles for the album that would be the album opener and the show opener – one of those songs that just does all that. And we’ve been trying to do that since the beginning of our career, and we’ve never been able to land on it — never been able to write that song that could be that one.

And we finally did. And it’s just, ‘Phew.’ Just wait, dude. It’s like the kabuki drop, the confetti cannons, the explosions, the glitter flying out of the sky – all that. It’s just one of those moments that’s gonna off in the show. And it’s just one of those songs that we just channel some ferocious rock energy on it. It’s just like a ticking time bomb, this album. It’s gonna go off.”

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