Jacoby Shaddix Explains The Authenticity Of Papa Roach’s ‘Last Resort’

Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix unveiled details about their early years while trying to make a deal with a company in his latest appearance on AXS TV. The lead singer expressed his ideas about their hit song, which the label rejected as it was.

The California-based rock band’s famous song, ‘Last Resort,’ initially took place on the soundtrack of the American buddy comedy film ‘Ready to Rumble,’ which Brian Robbins directed and Steven Brill wrote. Later, Papa Roach released the track in their second studio album, ‘Infest’ on April 25, 2000. It became their first major success in the rock music industry by being one of the highest-selling records in the USA.

Before the success and popularity, thanks to the record, the band needed to find a record company, and they were able to draw Warner Music Group’s attention. They asked for a demo, and the band members worked on it, including ‘Infest,’ ‘Last Resort,’ ‘Broken Home,’ ‘Dead Cell,’ and ‘She Loves Me Not.’ However, Warner Bros. wasn’t impressed by the works and didn’t want to collaborate with Papa Roach. Eventually, they made a contract with DreamWorks Records.

During the interview, the host wanted to know whether they rearranged the song while presenting to the company by reminding this rejection. The singer responded to the question, saying that they added or removed nothing while re-recording ‘Last Resort.’ Shaddix emphasized that all Papa Roach members knew it was exceptional from the beginning without realizing that it would change their lives.

When asked if they changed the song for DreamWork, Shaddix said:

Nothing. We went and re-recorded it because you had to contractually. They’re like, ‘You can’t use this recording.’ So we’re like, ‘Alright, cool, we’ll just do it again.’ It was one of the songs from the moment we wrote it, and we knew it was special. We wrote it even before we had a record deal.

We’d play concerts, and people would say, ‘Play that song again!’ What’s that one song to cut my life into pieces? Play that again!’ This garage band was doing this song, and we knew it was special. But we didn’t know that it would dramatically change our lives and continue to change our lives. It’s one of the songs; still, it’s a classic. It blows me away that it’s still relevant and means something.”

You can check out the interview and song below.