Jack White Explains Amy Winehouse’s Role In His James Bond Song


Jack White recently appeared as a guest on the new Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend podcast episode and talked about the song he recorded for the James Bond movie. The singer revealed that he got the gig for the music of the film when Amy Winehouse failed to fulfill her responsibilities.

The White Stripes have become a worldwide phenomenon with their energetic and fascinating blend of blues, punk, folk, indie, and country. The band’s popularity and massive success offered Jack White the opportunity to collaborate with many other musicians and participate in various projects. Alicia Keys was one of the many other prominent names he worked with in his career.

In 2008, the two artists collaborated on the song, ‘Another Way to Die,’ the theme song for the 2008 James Bond film ‘Quantum of Solace.’ The song was written by Jack White and also featured him on vocals, guitar, piano, and drums. The track received mixed reviews from critics and music lovers, though. Some people said they loved it, while others said they hated it.

Also, Jack White talked about the mixed reactions to the song in a recent appearance and defined it as ‘one of the most divisive things’ he’s ever produced. White can understand these different responses considering the popularity of the film series.

Later in the conversation, the singer also opened up about how he owes Amy Winehouse his James Bond song. While Winehouse was the original artist of the theme music, she failed to fulfill her responsibilities. She neither came to the sessions nor delivered the piece to producers in time. Thus, Jack White got the opportunity to produce his version.

Amy Winehouse’s role in his James Bond song in Jack White’s words:

“I got in because Amy Winehouse wasn’t showing up to the sessions or wasn’t delivering the song that they were asking her to do. So it was like, ‘We were running out of time. We need somebody else.’ And I thought, ‘Oh, this was great because now I’m gonna get away with murder; I’m gonna put things in this song that they would never approve of.”

You can listen to the rest of the podcast and the song below.