Jack Russell Refuses To Speak Ill Of His Former Great White Bandmates

It’s common for the departing members of bands to spit out a few bitter statements towards their former bandmates, but it seems like Great White’s former vocalist Jack Russell refuses to do that. The musician spoke about this issue during Kevin Rankin’s All Access Live podcast.

“I don’t jump on the drama train,” exclaimed Russell before explaining why he didn’t want to talk poorly about his former bandmates. “Unfortunately, there are still people that do, in my other band, that still choose to pass along negativity. And I’m not going to say anything bad about anybody. It’s, like, why? We were all huge friends for years.”

Jack continued by emphasizing the band’s success. He said, “We accomplished one of the hugest things you can ever accomplish together, something that’s almost impossible we pulled off. We were on five major labels, so we did it five times. Usually, you lose one, and you’re blackballed. And we were on five different major labels. So there’s something to say for that. I never was going to let up until I was done.”

Russell has preferred to appreciate and celebrate his success with his former bandmates rather than criticize them. However, it sounds like some fellow musicians have chosen to spread negativity. So, when asked about a Great White reunion, Jack Russell stated that although some people want them to get back together, it seems impossible for now. So, a Great White reunion with Jack Russell appears off the radar for now, but who knows, perhaps old wounds will heal, and we’ll witness a reunion.