Jack Black Wants To Make ‘School Of Rock’ Sequel: ‘I’m Ready’

During a recent interview with JOE, Jack Black spoke about his eagerness to work on a sequel to the hit film ‘School of Rock.’

Black shared his excitement about the potential for a ‘School of Rock 2,’ saying:

“I wish there’d be a School of Rock 2 Electric Boogaloo. I’m ready. You know Mike White wrote the first one, and he’s a genius. And we’d have to have Mike White back in the saddle, but he’s real busy right now with ‘White Lotus,’ the best show on TV.”

In ‘School of Rock,’ Black’s character, Dewey Finn, starts teaching at a strict private school after his rock band kicks him out. He decides to make a rock band out of his class. The movie also features Mike White, Joan Cusack, Adam Pascal, Lucas Papaelias, Chris Stack, Sarah Silverman, and Miranda Cosgrove.

Black Reflects On The Film’s Success

On the 20th anniversary of ‘School of Rock,’ Black talked to Entertainment Tonight about the film being the highlight of his career. He said:

“My best memories are just that group of kids and how funny and great they were. It’s definitely the highlight of my career. I can say that honestly.”

Last year, Black hinted at reunion plans with his former castmates to celebrate the film’s 20th anniversary. He shared his anticipation for reuniting with the now-adult cast members:

“All those kids – dig this – they were ten years old when we made that movie, and now they’re all, like, 30. We’re going to get together and have a 20th anniversary. We like to jam. I’m looking forward to seeing all of the grownups from ‘School of Rock.'”

A sequel to ‘School of Rock’ might not happen soon, but Nickelodeon made a TV show that aired from 2016 to 2018 and a Broadway musical version that ran from 2015 to 2019.