Iron Maiden Teams Up With Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia For The Legacy Of The Beast Game

Iron Maiden recently shared a post on its official Instagram page announcing a brand new collaboration with Italian gothic metal band Lacuna Coil co-lead vocalist Cristina Scabbia for the band’s widely known mobile game named ‘Legacy Of The Beast’ which was based on the famous Iron Maiden mascot Eddie.

As many of you know, the mascot of Iron Maiden named Eddie is one of the most well-known figures in music history as this mixture of the band’s artwork appears in all the album covers, most of their singles, as well as their merchandise due to the fact that Eddie is considered to be a beloved reflection of Iron Maiden.

On top of featuring in every aspect of the band’s artwork such as appearing in all of the band’s concerts which has always been a thrilling moment for their fans to see, Eddie also has been the muse for the first-person shooter video game of the band named ‘Ed Hunter’ which was released on May 17, 1999, and the mobile game, ‘Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast’ and a pinball game with the same name released in 2018.

While the game has been a fans’ favorite due to the fact that it has every element that a gamer who is a fan of Iron Maiden can ask for, the band recently announced another exciting news via a post on its official Instagram page. Apparently, the band has collaborated with Lacuna Coil and the game now has a brand new character named ‘The Shadow Sorceress’ based on the band’s singer Cristina Scabbia’s look.

Here is what the band said:

“Lacuna Coil in the Legacy of the Beast game

Iron Maiden‘s newest game collab featuring Lacuna Coil is now live!”

You can see the Instagram post right here.