Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds Reacts To Gun Violence Against LGBTQ+ Community

Yesterday, a shooting attack on a nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, targeted the LGBTQ community. It was stated that at least five people lost their lives, and 18 were injured in the attack. Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds is known for his notable activism on LGBTQ+ rights, and he tweeted about this tragic event, urging politicians to take steps to prevent such attacks.

“Thinking about all the senseless gun violence that continues to plague our country,” he wrote, referring to the controversies about gun ownership in the States. “Hoping politicians will actually work to make real change in America. Thinking about our LGBTQ youth that already feels unsafe. Another sad day. How many more? May we continue to push for change.”

This isn’t the first time Dan Reynolds has spoken on LGBTQ+ rights. Actively engaged with the LGBTQ+ community, Reynolds created a documentary about LGBTQ+ people in 2018 called ‘Believer.’ Last year, he donated his childhood home to be converted into a youth center for LGBTQ+ children.

Dan Reynolds once revealed that one of the biggest reasons he started activism on this subject is that he grew up in a conservative Mormon family and closely observed the conflicts between religion and sexual identity. Now, as a visible figure, he is fighting for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community and strives to create a space where they can be themselves without conflict. Unfortunately, the tragic attack last night shows there is still a long way to go in this regard.